Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lab #2- 31 Hours Without a Cell Phone

Yo! This is Caake. One of our members Elizabeth had to live 31 hours without a cellphone!!! Elizabeth, who is an avid texter, said "It was sooooo hard not to be able to text or to talk to anyone for so long. I felt lost and disconnected from my family and friends back home." Elizabeth became so desperate to use her cell phone, we had to tape it to the ceiling. We hope you enjoy the pictures of Elizabitch suffering wothout her cellular device.

Lab #18- Chalk Back

Yo! This is CAAKE. For this lab, we decided to let the students speak. We covered the connector desk with paper and asked them to tell us what "Obama Is...." With the connector being a high traffic area, our "Obama Is..." banner was filled to the brim with comments and pictures.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lab #17- Day of Silence

Yo! This is Caake. For this lab, we asked fellow Caake member to particapate in a Day of Silence. Kelly decided to keep quiet for a day to raise awareness about the need to recyle. Being a very talkitive person, she really made a point with the silence. People asked her why she was not talking, and she held up signs that told them of cause. Kelly noticed a psotive response. After the "day" was over, she noticed people who had come up to her were recyling their pop bottles and using the recyling bins in the Pickle more then they had in the past. Pictured here, Kelly is showing her efforts to recyling, she keeps a box in her room of all the things that can be recycled. When it gets full, Kelly and her roommate go to the recyling center together and empty it. Not only is she saving the earth but she is promoting her social capitol!

Lab #21- Create Your Lab (Be a Hobo)

Yo! This is Caake. For this lab, Caake decided that we were going to live like hobos. We decided to do this to show how hobos live and use their social capitol to survive on the streets. For four days we wore the same clothes, did not shower, only used bathrooms in public places, only bought food with the money from our pockets(as that is what a hobo would have to do, seeing how they do not have a school meal plan). We saw that it REALLY affected our social capitol. People outside of Caake seemed to not want to talk to us, eat with us, or even be around us. It could have been the fact that we smelled, or that we were wearing the same clothes, or that we looked grimey and disgusting. Just a thought. We have posted some pictures of us during our time as hobos, hope you enjoy them.

Lab #3- Week Without the Media

Yo! This is Caake. One of our members Christina went a whole week without the media. She had to cover her tv with a sheet to prevent the temptation of the exposure to the media. "It was SSOOOOOO difficult. I couldn't even watch One Tree Hill! So instead I worked on my poetry project," says Christina. Once the week was over, we checked back in with her to see what it was like to be able to watch tv again. "I felt so disconnected. I had no idea how much i would be missing from not watching tv for one week, it was insane. And i definatly missed One Tree Hill."
So as you can see, even one week without media, can be detrimental to what is going on in the world.

Lab #12- Facebook

Yo! This is Caake saying facebook rocks! Being dancers, we find that Facebook has helped up keep in touch with many, many friends, that we have met at summer programs abroad, that other-wise, we would not be able to keep in touch with. We also are able to get closer to our friends, and family members, no matter how far. WE believe that facebook and other social networking sites have a very positive effect on our social capitol. Because we are able to expand our social network, by becoming friends with more people, through our social connections.They bring people together, and help us keep in touch. The internet does truly "bring us together".